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Save your community from COVID-19 Misinformation & Vaccine Hesitancy

Logically and NewsMobile are collaborating on a series of media literacy workshops targeting COVID-19 misinformation, made possible by support from Facebook. The programme, called Covishaala, aims to educate people across India on harmful COVID-19 misinformation narratives and empower them on how to be more media literate.


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Enhance Your Knowledge

Develop a deep understanding of contemporary media landscapes

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Help Your Community

Gain access to the latest strategies to identify and stop the spread of potentially harmful information

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Get Certified

Earn certification from Facebook, Logically & Newsmobile to train others on protecting themselves from harmful information.

Testimonials From Past Attendees

Manoj Dawane Covishaala LP

“I think these are good tips for responsible citizens to have in their back pocket when they talk and spread the message of how to handle COVID”

Manoj Dawane
Founder and CEO of Vtion

Vinita Bhatia Covishaala LP

“The intent of this masterclass is to impart media literacy around identifying trustworthy sources of information and remove misinformation around COVID-19 and helped us understand vaccine hesitancy. The session helped me to understand how to spread the correct information around COVID-19.”

Vinita Bhatia
National President - Media and Communications Council , WICCI SDG Ambassador

Covishaala Media Literacy Masterclasses

Helping you to tackle the coronavirus infodemic in India

Over four lakh Indians have so far lost their lives to the Coronavirus pandemic that has affected billions of people worldwide. With over 3 crore people having tested positive in the country, India is one of the top three most affected countries in the world. Adding to the surging numbers is the ‘infodemic’ of fake news and misinformation, fuelling vaccine hesitancy.

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To address this problem, Logically and NewsMobile are launching ‘Covishaala’, a pan-India training campaign in media literacy. With an aim of reaching 50 million people, our course will ‘train the trainers’ in order to educate people about identifying misinformation around COVID-19 and how to tackle fake narratives regarding the pandemic - delivering an impactful and scalable training course to help curb the spread of misinformation and COVID-19 in India.

‘Covishaala’ will focus on empowering trainers with a sophisticated understanding of the contemporary media literacy landscape and providing robust strategies to translate that understanding into actionable advice, applicable and accessible to any audience in India. It also aims to help people build media literacy skills and identify trustworthy sources for information and potential misinformation around COVID-19.

Each session will be delivered by trained members of Logically and Newsmobile, organisations that have front-line expertise in counter-misinformation operations, along with medical professionals and domain experts.


Next Session on: 16 September 2021, 5:00 PM (IST)

Topic: Impact of COVID-19 related Misinformation on Mental Health

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Lyric Jain

Founder and CEO of Logically


“Too often, media literacy programmes do not reach those most in need, which is why Covishaala has been designed specifically to target those most vulnerable to false news, rumours and narratives. By empowering influential leaders and experts with the information and strategies they need to help people in their communities, we can make a demonstrable and scalable impact against damaging COVID-19 misinformation. We’re grateful for the support of our partners, Facebook and NewsMobile, in making this programme possible. Media literacy needs to be a priority; COVID-19 misinformation is threatening lives, and we must act now to combat it.”


Saurabh Shukla

Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of NewsMobile

“We believe that Covishaala can address one of the biggest challenges of the COVID-19 infodemic - that of vaccine and COVID-19 misinformation. We believe that in collaboration with Facebook, and together with our partner Logically and our doctor mentors, we will be able to make the last mile impact with this unique series.”

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