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Climate Change

Fight climate change misinformation and commit to a more sustainable future

The Situation

Climate change progress hinges on clear and direct actions to reduce emissions. Bad actors invent and subvert climate change narratives for financial, ideological, and political gain, resulting in catastrophic consequences.


Mis- and disinformation campaigns create confusion, chaos, and civil unrest, derailing government and business sustainability initiatives that are essential to saving our planet.

The Solution

Climate change misinformation is blocking vital progress against climate change.

Logically helps you identify and counter climate change misinformation so you can keep vital sustainability initiatives on track.


Situational Awareness

Become situationally aware of the climate change mis- and disinformation landscape. Logically allows you to discover and monitor certain narratives which are of interest to your organization.

Multilingual and Multimodal Tracking

Track and map narratives across social media and online media platforms globally. Discover the origin and supporting networks of problematic content and threats.


Detect Risk

Our extensive monitoring and analysis tools give you fast and actionable insights into threat vectors and malicious actors. We quickly evaluate your organization's most critical threats, enabling you to respond to risks before they cause harm.

Counter Resistance and Threats

You can protect your people, property, and assets by countering threats. Logically allows you to counter movements such as protests or brand abuse and create effective counter-messaging to climate change misinformation.

The Power of Logically Intelligence

Logically Intelligence is an end-to-end solution for combating climate change misinformation.

Our technology ingests millions of pieces of data from thousands of sources, including major social media sites, fringe platforms, and a wide variety of news outlets, blogs, and websites.

Logically utilizes advanced AI combined with expert OSINT investigators to identify and disambiguate entities, topics and provide critical insights.

Through Logically Intelligence, you get access to cutting-edge technology, world-class fact-checkers, and researchers. This powerful combination of human and artificial intelligence allows you to understand and counter climate change misinformation at speed and scale.

Logically Intelligence

Our flagship threat intelligence platform.

Download the Climate Change Misinformation report

Climate Change Whitepaper

Powered by Logically Intelligence, the COP26 Climate Misinformation Report combines over two years of research to identify and analyze the most prominent climate misinformation narratives.

The Collaborative project identifies five core narratives between April 2019 to August 2021:

  • The Great Reset
  • Financial Costs
  • Doomerism
  • Natural Occurrence
  • Arson
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What is climate change misinformation?

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