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Was the BULvENG game handled correctly?

Was the BULvENG game handled correctly?

The Monday night game between England and Bulgaria in Sofia was halted twice over racist abuse.

During the Euro 2020 qualifier match, Gareth Southgate, England Manager, alerted Uefa officials to what seemed to be monkey chants coming from the home fans. Video also appeared to show some Bulgarian fans doing Nazi salutes.

Once alerted, Uefa’s strict anti-racism protocol meant that an announcement was read out on the speaker system, urging fans to stop chanting or the match would be abandoned.

However, the message didn’t seem to make a difference as the chanting and abuse did not cease.

Play was again halted just before half-time – however, after some consultation the game was allowed to continue, England winning 6-0.

Football Association Chairman Greg Clarke said that it was “one of the most appalling nights [he’d] seen in football”...

“If we say ‘we’ve got zero tolerance for racism’, one person making monkey chanting noises is the same as 100. Zero tolerance is zero tolerance.”

However, Ian Wright was not happy with the way Clarke responded to the situation:

“Saying that ‘I know that there’s people at UEFA who have really strong feelings’ - when have they shown any strong feelings about wanting to stamp out racism?”

Do you think the game should have been called off? Does UEFA need to make more of a stand?

Head over to our Twitter, and join the debate!

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