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Tinfoil Digest: Bath Testicles Edition

Tinfoil Digest: Bath Testicles Edition

This week's Tinfoil Digest features a QAnon explainer, a podcast about the underground tiger trade, some suspicious molotov cocktails and a fact check about where your balls should be when you get in the bathtub. Standard stuff.


Joe, Senior Researcher - The specter of “QAnon” appears to be getting bigger and bigger on the horizon - what was once seen through posters and tee shirts seen in the crowds at Trump’s rallies is now Eric Trump nodding along to Fox News' Jesse Watters praising the group for finding “interesting” things on national television. However, understanding what QAnon is and what it means for the USA and beyond is a daunting task. Adrienne LaFrance acts as our guide through the sprawling conspiracy and its similarities to religious organization in this expansive and exciting read.

Dive in here, and follow Adrienne here.


devika small

Devika, Senior Fact Checker - Facebook hires 3rd party fact-checking organizations to monitor the content that is published on their website. It hired 'Stop Fake,' a Ukrainian fact-checking organization to police online disinformation. The organization has recently come under fire for ties to the far-right and producing biased checks. As a fact-checking organization, it is vital to follow a policy of non-partisanship and provide an unbiased fact-checking service. Organizations must follow a code of principles outlined by the International Fact-Checking Network.



Nick, Contributing Editor - After another night of protests in Oregon, Portland PD circulated an image of loaded paint-covered rifle magazines and Molotov cocktails, which were allegedly found in an abandoned bag. Several Twitter users noticed that something about the photo was off, but Karl Higley took things further with a fact-check calibre thread that reminds us what internet research should actually look like.

You can read the thread and follow Karl here.


Edie, Contributing Editor - A combination of no sleep and bizarro kid behaviour means that some of the weirdest stuff on the internet happens on parenting forums (trust me, I know). This week I came across this extended fact check by Kelly Conaboy, about a totally wild claim that originated on the site BabyCenter, namely that "Adult men get into a bath on hands and knees so the balls hit the water LAST." The resulting extended fact check is one of the funniest things I've ever read online. There are diagrams. I cried. You're welcome.

Follow Kelly here.


Kristina, Disinformation Researcher - Do you argue with people online? Do you find it engaging regardless of a feeling that you are wasting your time? I know I do. Samantha North explains why it happens and how it's linked to the world of online disinformation.

Read it here and follow Samantha here.


Ishaana, Researcher - The Tiger is India’s National animal and India also ranks first in Tiger population in the wild. I’m telling you all of this because it is International Tiger Day. To commemorate this, Felix and Esther from Crime Spot, are giving us the numbers and the hard facts of the illegal Tiger trade across the globe.

Listen to ‘What Tiger King Forgot To Tell You’ here and follow the podcast here.




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