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Think Logically (5)

Line of Duty’s Fantasy of Accountability

At one point in season six of Line of Duty, which is currently airing on BBC One, Superintendent Ted Hastings – the proud, determined, grouchily folksy Northern Irish head of Anti-Corruption Unit 12 – is called into the office of some of the...

Is Twitter Real Life?

Is Twitter real life? This has become one of the perennial questions of social media. Indeed, it often seems as if prominent Twitter users enjoy nothing more than reminding the people they spend their lives, both professional and personal,...

Premium Trusted Content: RIP Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is shutting down. Once upon a time, it was a juggernaut that pulled 31 million visitors a month and easily swatted away competition from the likes of Google and Amazon, both of which launched (and later scrapped) their own Q&A...

The Center Cannot Hold

On February 24, 2021, Lisa Nandy and Yvette Cooper – both senior MPs in the U.K. Labour party – used their Twitter accounts to share a thread by Eric Feigl-Ding, a Harvard-trained epidemiologist specializing in nutrition.