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Internet Sleuthing Is a Safeguarding Issue

Over the summer, Gabby Petito set off with her fiancé with a plan to travel around national parks across the western United States. Around the beginning of September, her social media posts stopped. By the 11th, her family reported her missing. 

A Bitter Row About Dosa Batter

Indian disinformation campaigns around economic entities often keep nationalism center stage. Targets tend to be foreign companies (such as Amazon or Monsanto) or else whole countries (such as the #BoycottChina social media campaign). However, in...

The War on Trust

It is hard to capture exactly, twenty years later, how abruptly the long 1990s collapsed into the War on Terror in September 2001. Public opinion polls capture it a little. In the face of abrupt tragedy, symbolically seen as an assault on the nation...

The Protest No One Noticed

You might not have noticed or realized, but on Monday between the hours of 7-10 AM, a monumental protest was held in London. Members of the group Push Those Buttons (previously called “Push Them Buttons”), sick of “tyrrany, genocide, vaccine...