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How AI Helps Us Fact-Check in a Crisis

During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, social media was flooded with false or misleading claims – some deliberate, drawn from the Russian disinformation ecosystem; some half-reported rumors; and some misunderstood or misattributed photos and...

Traumatic Images Polarize the Abortion Debate

With the leaked draft of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade, campaigns to make abortion legal or illegal will ramp up across the U.S. This means that Americans are going to encounter lots and lots of pictures of fetal remains. 

AI Biases and the Global South

In late March, Professor Nida Kirmani, a feminist sociologist and professor at Lahore University of Management Sciences in Pakistan logged on to Twitter as usual. She quickly realized something was awry: other accounts with her name were now gaining...

Who Counts the Counters? Conspiracies About the Census

When the smiling census enumerator comes to your door every ten years (or, in some countries, five), do you accept your task willingly or balk at the hassle and threat of fines? Are you happy to be counted or suspicious of what the government might...

Trans Athletes Are Being Politicized

Attacks on trans rights have intensified in 2022. Wherever there appear to be advances in human rights for transgender people, there are lawmakers and prominent transphobes eager to reverse this progress.