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Should Wales ban the use of wild animals in circuses?

Should Wales ban the use of wild animals in circuses?

The use of wild animals in circuses in Wales cannot be banned on welfare grounds “because the evidence isn’t there”.

Welsh politician Lesley Griffiths has instead proposed the ban based on ethical concerns:

“There is no benefit to society or to the wild animals that justifies their use purely for our entertainment… It contributes little to further our understanding of wild animals and their natural behaviour, or to their conservation in the wild.”

On the other hand, a letter from the Circus Mondao insisted the animals were “happy to be a part of the circus”:

“All of our animals thrive in this environment; look exceptionally well; live exceedingly long lives (our past zebras lived to the ages of Sinbad 26 years, Zebedee 32 years old).”

Do you think Wales should join Scotland and England in the banning of wild animals in circuses?

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