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Fact Checkers on Fact Checking

Fact Checkers on Fact Checking

On December 2, OpIndia, a right-wing Indian news website published a piece railing against the practice of fact checking, calling it a new name for the “same old propaganda journalism” and sarcastically calling fact checkers “unbiased angels descended from above”. At Logically, we took this accusation (mostly) seriously, so we asked some fact checkers from around the world to respond to OpIndia’s claims. You can watch the video we produced below.



Thanks to the fact checkers who spoke to us for this piece, Himanshi and Kritika Goel from The Quint, Seana Davis from The Cube, Mikael Thalen from DailyDot, Pooja Chaudhuri from Alt News, Shayan Sardarizadeh from the BBC, and of course our very own Al and Ilma from Logically.

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