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Clubhouse Faces New Antisemitism Accusations

Clubhouse Faces New Antisemitism Accusations

The audio-only app Clubhouse is facing new accusations of antisemitism. Venture capital investor Michaela Hirsch tweeted out audio clips and descriptions of some of the antisemitism she’d heard in a room discussing Louis Farrakhan’s legacy.


Activist and student Kareem Refai chimed in as well:


Clubhouse has not responded to a request for comment from Logically.

Two weeks ago, after Hirsch tweeted out audio clips of clubhouse participants denying the holocaust, the app’s Twitter account issued a statement. 

“We shut down a number of rooms found to be in violation and, where appropriate, issued suspensions and removed users indefinitely. All forms of racism, antisemitism, hate speech and abuse are prohibited on Clubhouse and are a direct violation of the Community Guidelines.”

Hirsch has been documenting antisemitic abuse on Clubhouse since last year. As an audio-only app, Clubhouse has inherent challenges with moderation. without text to search and block, it’s relatively easy for openly racist, homophobic, or antisemitic material to spread, as Zoe Schiffler reported in The Verge last September.

Currently, the app is in beta, and is only available for iPhone. The android version is slated to appear in beta this year

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