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Tori Marland

Tori Marland

Tori is an assistant editor and writer based in Glasgow. In a former life, she was an English and Academic Skills lecturer. She is also working part-time on a Ph.D. in contemporary British fiction. She is interested in media, culture, class politics, and the influence of technology on our lives.

Latest Editorials by Tori Marland

How AI Helps Us Fact-Check in a Crisis

During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, social media was flooded with false or misleading claims – some deliberate, drawn from the Russian disinformation ecosystem; some half-reported rumors; and some misunderstood or misattributed photos and...

Trans Athletes Are Being Politicized

Attacks on trans rights have intensified in 2022. Wherever there appear to be advances in human rights for transgender people, there are lawmakers and prominent transphobes eager to reverse this progress. 

Double Check: Is the Loch Ness Monster Real?

For years, visitors have flocked to Loch Ness, the deepest freshwater lake in the United Kingdom, situated near the Scottish Highland town of Inverness. While the loch is a beguiling and beautiful spot, popular with both paddle boarders and dog...