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Sam Doak

Sam Doak

Sam Doak joined Logically as a Fact Checker in 2022. Sam studied at the University of Glasgow, where he received an undergraduate degree in Law and Philosophy, and a master's in Human Rights and International Politics. Prior to joining Logically, he worked as a journalist in Scotland and carried out investigative research on a freelance basis.

Latest Editorials by Sam Doak

‘Vaccine Injury’ Campaigns Raise Thousands on GoFundMe

The crowdfunding site GoFundMe has funneled over $330,000 in donations to unverified COVID "vaccine injury" campaigns, Logically can reveal. Many of these campaigns amplify misinformation, claiming that the vaccines are deadly, or pledge the money...

Double Check: Why Was Andrew Tate Arrested?

Image credit: Inquam Photos/Octav Ganea - Reuters"My name is Andrew Tate, four-time kickboxing world champion, multi-millionaire and all round nice guy. I was one time the most googled man on the planet for basically saying that 'water is wet.'"

Double Check: Florida's COVID-19 Vaccine Study

On October 7, Florida's Surgeon General unveiled the results of a study conducted to identify risks related to COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. Claiming that this inquiry uncovered a link between the use of these vaccines and cardiac arrest, Dr. Joseph...

Double Check: Why Are U.K. Energy Bills Rising?

Consumers in the United Kingdom have experienced sharp increases in the price of energy over previous months. This trend is predicted to continue throughout 2022 and beyond, with a widely cited study by Cornwall Insight forecasting annual bills for...