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Latest Editorials by Logically

Tinfoil Digest: Psyop Avalanche Edition

We're excited to unveil a guest researcher spot in Tinfoil Digest, where we welcome someone smart and interesting from the world of disinformation research to provide a recommendation of their own. In this month's edition, you'll find an entry from ...

Tinfoil Digest: 2020 in Review

If you want some essential Christmas reading from the Logically team, you're in luck! Here is some essential Christmas reading from the Logically team. As it's the festive season, we have also included Ike. Ike is a dog. He has great taste.

Fact Checkers on Fact Checking

On December 2, OpIndia, a right-wing Indian news website published a piece railing against the practice of fact checking, calling it a new name for the “same old propaganda journalism” and sarcastically calling fact checkers “unbiased angels...