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Latest Editorials by Logically

Tinfoil Digest: Teen In A Suit Edition

Our writers’ recommendations this week include a meme about disappearing Karens, a long read about QAnon, and in preparation for the Democratic National Convention, two teenagers in suits.

Tinfoil Digest: Bath Testicles Edition

This week's Tinfoil Digest features a QAnon explainer, a podcast about the underground tiger trade, some suspicious molotov cocktails and a fact check about where your balls should be when you get in the bathtub. Standard stuff.


Joe, Senior...

Tinfoil Digest - Meme Culture Edition



Our writers’ recommendations for the best debunking, fact checking and media criticism you shouldn't miss this week.




Joe, Senior Researcher - How has time changed because of New Media, and what consequences has that had on culture? ...

Theories in Flux: The Twitter Hack According to QAnon

The digital world is still reeling from last night’s audacious Twitter hack which left dozens of high profile accounts tweeting a simple “send $1000, get $2000 back” Bitcoin scam. As an immediate measure to prevent the scam from spreading,...

How White Supremacists Organize on Telegram

Logically has gained access to and investigated a network of nine white supremacist channels on the messaging platform Telegram. The channels share illegal and extremely disturbing content, and have adopted organized disinformation tactics with...

Tinfoil Digest - Yeeeeee-hah Edition

This week's Tinfoil Digest features Ximena Larkin, Priyanka Pulla, Clare Malone, Joey D'Urso, Anupam Manur, Prateek Waghre, Utkarsh Narain and indirectly Lil' Nas X. Enjoy!

‌Edie, Contributing Editor - Oddly enough, the focus of my...