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Tinfoil Digest: Bath Testicles Edition

This week's Tinfoil Digest features a QAnon explainer, a podcast about the underground tiger trade, some suspicious molotov cocktails and a fact check about where your balls should be when you get in the bathtub. Standard stuff.


Joe, Senior...

Tinfoil Digest - July 22, 2020



Our writers’ recommendations for the best debunking, fact checking and media criticism you shouldn't miss this week.




Joe, Senior Researcher - How has time changed because of New Media, and what consequences has that had on culture? ...

Theories in Flux: The Twitter Hack According to QAnon

The digital world is still reeling from last night’s audacious Twitter hack which left dozens of high profile accounts tweeting a simple “send $1000, get $2000 back” Bitcoin scam. As an immediate measure to prevent the scam from spreading,...

How White Supremacists Organize on Telegram

Logically has gained access to and investigated a network of nine white supremacist channels on the messaging platform Telegram. The channels share illegal and extremely disturbing content, and have adopted organized disinformation tactics with...

Tinfoil Digest - July 10, 2020

This week's Tinfoil Digest features Ximena Larkin, Priyanka Pulla, Clare Malone, Joey D'Urso, Anupam Manur, Prateek Waghre, Utkarsh Narain and indirectly Lil' Nas X. Enjoy!

‌Edie, Contributing Editor - Oddly enough, the focus of my...

Tinfoil Digest - July 8, 2020

Our writers’ recommendations this week include an essay by Geoff Shullenberger, a Tom Scott video, a fact check about F. Scott Fitzgerald and a surprising amount of Satanism.