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Kristina Gildejeva

Kristina Gildejeva

Kristina is a researcher and writer based in Berlin. She has a Master’s degree in history, and has worked as a journalist with a focus on European politics, and as a Media Monitor with the U.S. Embassy in Riga, Latvia. Kristina’s main focus is research and analysis of the closed-groups, European far-right movements and Russian interference. She is interested in politics, history, new media and political communication.

Latest Editorials by Kristina Gildejeva

Double Check: Did AntiFa Storm the US Capitol?

Following the storming of the U.S. Capitol Building by Trump supporters yesterday, social media users loyal to the president have attempted to distance themselves from the widely condemned events by claiming that many of the people who forced their...

My Name Is Legion: Why Russian Trolls Matter

With the US presidential elections looming, the United States still has not found a way to reckon with ‘Russian trolls’ who have been influencing the US politics and domestic situation since the cataclysm of the 2016 election.