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Joe Ondrak

Joe Ondrak

Head of Investigations

Joe is a researcher and PhD candidate assisting in long-form investigations into disinformation and the actors behind it. He is interested in virality and memetics, the “truthiness” of false narratives, and all things to do with digital text and what it can do (for good or ill). His PhD research explores on how social media blurs the boundaries between fact and fiction when used as a venue for storytelling.

Latest Editorials by Joe Ondrak

Fake News Cares About Your Feelings

Last week, Nick Backovic introduced Think Logically, our new fortnightly series designed to help facilitate media literacy and combat the prevalence of dis and misinformation at the level of our reception to the daily bombardment of conflicting...

London Real is Falling Down

London Real, the podcast/website/business guru course/YouTube channel responsible for reintroducing David Icke to the public eye and cultural discourse (reptilians and all), is currently in the midst of a PR crisis. Owner Brian Rose’s videos have...