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Joe Ondrak

Joe Ondrak

Regional Investigations Lead (UK)

Joe is a researcher and PhD candidate assisting in long-form investigations into disinformation and the actors behind it. He is interested in virality and memetics, the “truthiness” of false narratives, and all things to do with digital text and what it can do (for good or ill). His PhD research explores on how social media blurs the boundaries between fact and fiction when used as a venue for storytelling.

Latest Editorials by Joe Ondrak

How Disinformation Is a New Kind of Horror Fiction

It’s hard to imagine a time when social media wasn’t the staging area for a pitched battle for truth or the engine of total epistemic and societal collapse (depending on whether you like your internet spatialized or not). Indeed, social media...

Plandemic 2: Memetic Boogaloo

On May 4th 2020, the first Plandemic video appeared on various social media platforms, seemingly from nowhere, and introduced Dr. Judy Mikovits to the world. The 26 minute long video was perfectly designed to tap into doubt and uncertainty around...