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Ishaana Aiyanna

Ishaana Aiyanna

Regional Investigations Lead (IN)

Ishaana is a researcher and writer at Logically. She is a qualified lawyer and has had experience in the field of public policy with a focus on tech-policy and national security. Her area of investigations includes disinformation campaigns aimed at disrupting civil society. She is interested in politics and literature.

Latest Editorials by Ishaana Aiyanna

A Bitter Row About Dosa Batter

Indian disinformation campaigns around economic entities often keep nationalism center stage. Targets tend to be foreign companies (such as Amazon or Monsanto) or else whole countries (such as the #BoycottChina social media campaign). However, in...

The Death of an Icon and a False Flag Operation

Social media manipulation is on the rise in India, particularly that of a political nature. Cataclysmic news events make the perfect foil for storms of bots and hashtag manipulation to exert pressure on political opponents, and the passing of one of...

A Tale of Two Takedowns

On February 11, India’s Information and Technology Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad made a speech about the Indian Government’s recent stand-off with Twitter. He stated that while social media platforms were respected for the revenue they bring...

Love Jihad: The Moral Panic Gripping India

Conspiracy theorists love a catchy and emotive catch phrase, and “love jihad” is no exception. For the uninitiated, love jihad is a far-right conspiracy theory that was first floated by Hindutva groups in the south Indian states of Kerala and...