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Ilma Hasan

Ilma Hasan

Ilma is the India editor based in New Delhi. Before pursuing a masters degree from Columbia Journalism School in New York City, she was a television correspondent and producer covering politics, policy and crime. Following her degree, Ilma completed a series of fellowships in New York and Washington D.C. including CNN Tonight with Don Lemon and the Center for Responsive Politics. Ilma's interests range from India's political economy to bad reality television.

Latest Editorials by Ilma Hasan

Double Check: Were Communal Songs Played on Ram Navami?

After violence erupted across multiple states on Ram Navami, a Hindu festival, Times Now editor-in-chief Rahul Shivshankar expressed disbelief over claims that the clashes had begun when saffron-clad processions marched outside mosques dancing to...

Double Check: Did Pakistani Cricket Fans Troll Hassan Ali?

A dropped catch by Pakistani cricketer Hassan Ali during this year’s T20 cricket World Cup semifinals at a pivotal point in the game against Australia paved the way for vicious trolling against him. Or perhaps that is what Indian users on social...