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Ernie Piper

Ernie Piper

Tech and Disinformation Reporter

Ernie is a writer and editor, and works as a reporter for Logically. He covers tech, disinformation and internet culture -- basically, how stories move online, and how they affect our lives. Previously he worked as a travel journalist, and has published two books: a travel guide, and a memoir about performing in a musical in Turkey. Ernie grew up in Alaska, went to school in Seattle, and spent many years in Istanbul. He now lives with his partner in London.

Latest Editorials by Ernie Piper

Why Are Gamers Taking a Stand On Palestine?

For two days, the front pages of the biggest gaming sites weren’t focused on Overwatch or the giant vampire belle from Resident Evil 2 that everyone seems to be really horny for. Instead, they were about Palestine. The editorial staff of IGN,...

Premium Trusted Content: RIP Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is shutting down. Once upon a time, it was a juggernaut that pulled 31 million visitors a month and easily swatted away competition from the likes of Google and Amazon, both of which launched (and later scrapped) their own Q&A...