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Ernie Piper

Ernie Piper

Tech and Disinformation Reporter

Ernie is a writer and editor, and works as a reporter for Logically. He covers tech, disinformation and internet culture -- basically, how stories move online, and how they affect our lives. Previously he worked as a travel journalist, and has published two books: a travel guide, and a memoir about performing in a musical in Turkey. Ernie grew up in Alaska, went to school in Seattle, and spent many years in Istanbul. He now lives with his partner in London.

Latest Editorials by Ernie Piper

Reddit CEO Refuses To Remove COVID Misinfo

The top post for almost 12 hours yesterday on r/all – Reddit’s so-called “front page of the internet” – was an open letter from the moderators of some of the largest subreddits, demanding the website's admins take action to remove vaccine and...

What Padme Doesn't Know: A Meme Case Study

Back in the glory days of the early 2000s, George Lucas managed to just really screw it up by releasing the Star Wars Prequels. Purportedly, this trilogy of films told the story of how a little ventriloquist dummy in the deserts of Arizona grew...