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Edie Miller

Edie Miller

Contributing Editor

Edie is a writer based in the North East of England. She studied Literature and Politics at the University of York, and later a postgraduate degree in Art History and Theory at the University of Essex. She is interested in politics, media, gender and visual and internet cultures.

Latest Editorials by Edie Miller

Double Check: Is QAnon "Harmless"?

A common refrain of many QAnon believers is the claim that no one has ever been hurt as a result of their beliefs. They feel that following the conspiracy theory is simply a “hobby” akin to playing an augmented reality game, or that they are...

Double Check: Is Math Real?

The content that goes viral on TikTok seems to be getting ever more abstract: on August 23rd, 16 year old Gracie Cunningham posted a video asking various questions about the validity of the entire pursuit of mathematics. Gracie begins “I was just...

Tinfoil Digest - The Cake is a Lie Edition

Our writers’ recommendations for the best debunking, fact checking and media criticism you shouldn't miss this week.


Nick, Contributing Editor - A photo currently circulating on social media has Dr. Anthony Fauci alongside Barack Obama and...

Double Check: Is Everything Cake?

On July 8, the food site Tasty posted a 3 minute and 55 second video with the caption “These Are All Cakes,” showing a knife cutting into several different unnervingly realistic objects and revealing them to be made, in fact, of cake.