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Alice Franklin

Alice Franklin

Alice is a writer based in Oxford who recently graduated from the MA Creative Writing Prose at UEA. She has a penchant for learning about languages, loves grammar, and is a fan of explaining complex things in a simple way.

Latest Editorials by Alice Franklin

Double Check: Can You Trust Online Reviews?

In my younger and more carefree years, I bought a smartwatch from a very famous online retailer whose name is reminiscent of a large rainforest. The Amazon product arrived a mere day later, in the customary comically oversized box.

Double Check: What Is the Great Replacement Theory?

The Great Replacement is a far-right conspiracy theory that alleges white Europeans are being "replaced" by Muslims from Africa and the Middle East. Believers in this racist and xenophobic conspiracy theory often say the “replacement” will lead to...

Double Check: Is Walmart Closed on Black Friday?

Rumor has it, Walmart – a store that sells a hell of a lot of stuff to a hell of a lot of people – is closed today. Why? Well, it's a thank you from Walmart management to Walmart staff. After all, everyone needs time off to rest and recuperate, and...

Double Check: Is This Anti-Vax Rap Battle OK?

Last week, I showed a video to a select few of my colleagues. “What did I just watch?” one asked. “Is that a zoomed-in quote from Mike Yeadon?!” another said. I explained to the former colleague that she had just watched an anti-vax rap battle video...