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Al Baker

Al Baker

Al oversees all editorial operations at Logically, including our fact-checking, writing, investigations and policy research. Before joining Logically, Al worked as an academic philosopher, researching and teaching at the universities of Leeds, Hull, and Sheffield. Al’s philosophical interests include the ethics of communication, storytelling and artificial intelligence, as well related issues in moral psychology. Al is also a recovering musician, a keen dungeon master, and a passionate defender of the oxford comma.

Latest Editorials by Al Baker

Climate Change Misinformation in the Age of COVID-19

Climate change has been widely acknowledged as the gravest threat that human civilization has ever faced; this was true before the pandemic, and it is still true now. What has changed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, is that we...

The Politics of Impatience Will Doom Us All

The rise of the 24-hour news cycle in the US is largely credited to the grim spectacle of the OJ Simpson murder case in 1994. Since then, cable news, then online news, and then social media platforms have all scrambled mercilessly for our attention.

Twitter Makes a Hash of its Manipulated Media Tag

On March 5th Twitter's new policy on doctored videos and images went live, and we had to wait all of five days to see its first implementation. Late last night, Twitter marked a tweet by Dan Scavino, White House director of social media, as...

The Electability Paradox

Joe Biden's surge on Super Tuesday can be put down to two key things, both of which followed directly from his remarkable win in South Carolina a few days prior. First, his victory gave the democratic establishment a reason (or an excuse) to finally...